Mosey-free Monday and better late than never

When: 10/16/2017

When: 10/16/17

The Pax: Hattrick, Greenbean, Ibeam, Turbin, Larry, Big Short, Raquet, Thumper, Nature Boy, Bear, Toothpick, Caboose, Booter, Grease Monkey, Virginia Slim, Double D, Aflac, Pegs, Sprocket, Squeegee, Bronco, Beefcakes (FNG)

QIC: Bronco

Thanks to technical difficulties a day late and a dollar short on the post but posted nonetheless.

Seeing as though the bronco still had a flat tire from trail running a few weeks back with some pretty quick Pax creativity had to take over.

The Thang

22 Pax joined on the baseball field right next to our meeting point where we’d be the entire morning.  We warmed up with some quick Mary then right in to Lazy Dora where the name of the game was partnering up to accomplish as a team:

  • 100 merkins alternating every 10 while P2 elbow planks
  • 200 LBC’s alternating every 20 while P2 elbow planks
  • 300 Squats alternating every 30 while P2 elbow planks

We weren’t done there – after a 10-count we repeated with half the numbers but tougher exercises still alternating in 5, 10, 15 with elbow planks:

  • 50 Big Boy sit-ups
  • 100 Squat Jumps
  • 150 Shoulder Presses

From there the Pax all lined up on the left field line and started Empty Wheelbarrows:

  • 10 merkins to start, P1 carries the legs of P2 doing backwards crabwalk 25 steps only stopping for 10 more diamond merkins and the next switch involving wide-arm merkins.
  • Q started noticing the difficulty and quickly audibled to doing a regular wheelbarrow (bear-crawl with legs up).
  • Aflac pulled a sizable lead and it was time to stop – a dozen merkins in cadence before heading back to the flag.

Finished up the morning with Mary-go-round included Dying Cockroach, Peter Parkers, American Hammers and Freddie Mercury’s.


  • Name and welcome FNG Beefcakes
  • Prayers for Flop and good health coming soon
  • Prayers for Bear’s son and a quick recovery
  • Ibeam handling Tuesday Q at Rubicon

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