Wildflowers is my favorite album

When: 10/12/2017

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (): Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Swingline, Mufasa, Saban, Locksmith, Zima, Miller Time, Devito, Turbine, Cookie, Krueger, Foghorn, Mayhem

As your Q checks his watch to see it is 5:22 am he realizes that bed is not the best place to be when leading a beatdown. A record 6 minutes later I hit the parking lot in time to put on and tie my shoes on a foggy cool morning.

A mosey around the block for a warm up of Imperial Walkers, SSH, and Cotton Pickers. 16 each, one for each of Tom Petty’s albums (Solo and Heartbreakers).

The team hits the playground for a thang called ‘Running down a DREAM’
Donkey Kicks
Reverse LBC
Everest Climbers (Like Mountain Climbers but with an E)
American Hammer
Run to the bridge and back between each set of 20
Rinse Repeat X25 reps

‘Time to Move On’ to the pavilion for 11’s
Dips & Step ups (Called ‘Free Fallin” just to shove in the theme.
More Merkins & Squats
Derkins & Knerkins to time

Back to the flag for ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’
Freddy Mercury
Zima’s Flutter Kick
Locksmith’s American Hammer
Ha-Ha’s Dying Cockroach
Krueger’s Box Cutter

Reminder of Ruck times and #HoppyLike, QIC in need for Rubicon & Widowmaker at link in header. Support available for first timers.
Prayers for Lumbergh as he is ‘Learning to Fly’ on a mission to Guatemala leaving Saturday.
RIP Tom Petty

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