Set the Night to Music (B98.5 Style)

When: 10/11/2017


PAX (): GOAT, Booter, Toothpick, Smack-down, Gear-head, Chelsea, Circus, Pegs, Crablegs, Mad Dawg, Sprocket, Larry, I-Beam, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Caboose, Racket, 7-up, Polaroid, The Big Short, Squeegee, Doogie

Lessons Learned:

  • A Bluetooth speaker that has worked for years with no problems, will not work the one time you have no backup
  • Bluetooth is not a full proof technology
  • Wet hands cannot use an iPhone because the screen cannot tell what you are touching
  • Never depend on technology for your workout
  • A workout set to a playlist is much more complicated than expected
  • Songs can be deleted from your playlist if your phone is in your pocket and unlocked

23 PAXs

The Thang:

Each workout was done for the length of a song.  I have included the original workout in full with a star beside ones we didn’t get to due to technical difficulties delaying the ability to finish the entire workout.  It was timed to be a 35 minute workout with 5 minutes of moseying before and after workout.  Each song was related tangentially in some way to the workout, a person at the workout, an exercise, or how you were feeling doing the exercise.

  • Mosey to first parking lot to lamest song I could find – Set the night to music – by Starship
  • Collective Soul – Heavy – 3 Minutes
    • Side Startle Hop
      • Every time he says “falls”, fall to the ground and do a burpee
    • Get Low – Lil’ Jon – 4 minutes
      • Bear crawl across field (sideline to sideline), 20 leg lifts right leg on wall, 20 leg lifts left leg, go up the steps and back down, rinse and repeat leg lifts and stairs until song ends.
    • Van Halen – Jump – 4 Minutes
      • 10 Jump Squats
      • Lunge Walk 10 yards
      • Repeat until song ends
    • Pearl Jam – The Fixer – 3 Minutes
      • Run to 10 and back and 10 Monkey Humpers
      • Run to the 20 and back and 20 Monkey Humpers
      • Continue down football field until song ends
      • **This was probably too much humping for future reference**
    • DJ Khaled – All I do is win – 3.75 Minutes
      • 10 Merkins
      • 20 Shoulder Presses
      • 20 Arm raises
      • 20 Shoulder flies
      • Rinse and repeat until song ends
    • Journey – Don’t Stop Believing – 4 Minutes
      • 50 LBC
      • 20 Burpees
      • Rinse and repeat
    • **Bon Jovi – Living on a prayer – 3.75 Minutes
      • Military crawl 10 yards
      • 10 broad jumps
      • Continue down the field
    • Imagine Dragons – Take it all back – 3.5 Minutes
      • Run to 10 and back 10 Merkins
      • Run to 20 and back 20 Merkins
    • 30 Seconds to Mars – Closer the edge-4.5 Minutes
      • 20 flutter kicks
      • 20 lbc
      • 20 Dollies
      • 20 American hammers
    • **XAmbassadors -A little unsteady – 3 Minutes
      • Bear crawl across field (side line to side line), 20 leg lifts right leg on wall, 20 leg lifts left leg, go up the steps and back down, rinse and repeat leg lifts and stairs until song ends.
    • Mosey backup to flag listening to Set the Night to Music


Mole Skin:


Crazy Love Coffee

Caboose had a great offsite meeting

Gearhead has his virgin Q on Friday

Prayer request:

Sprocket’s nephew

Bear’s son

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