the PBRc

When: 10/10/2017

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Miller Time, Devito, Nacho Libre, Dosido, Special K, Locksmith, Legos, Fondue, South West, Moonshine, Cookie, Law Dog

A baker’s dozen for the 10/10 beatdown. Humid, wet from the rain were the conditions underfoot when this fine group assembled, ready to work this morning.

“I asked God for strength, and he gave me difficulties to make me stronger”.
We were about to learn the literal meaning of this quote which YHC saw on twitter this week. This is what happened:
Warm-up in the parking lot:
     Cotton pickers
     8-count body builder
Mosy to rock-pile to pick up coupons. Pick a partner in the mean time.
One of the fields right next to rock pile was going to be perfect for this. YHC, not able to trust the calf I’ve been having trouble with on runs (not Rucks for some reason), capitalized on this location.
This is a Ruck workout, adapted to be without Rucks, we had rocks – which worked.
Inspired by the PBRC who seem to be getting after it for PATHFINDER.
“P” is for Push Ups and Plank
Partner A: 25 Merkins
Partner B: Plank for duration…when A quits then switch
Go through 4 Rounds
“B” is for Burpees and Broad Jumps
Partner A: Burpees with rock x 20
Partner B: Broad Jumps x 20
When both are done, switch.
Go through 2 Rounds
“R” is for Rock Ups, Rock Curls, and Runs
Partner A: Rock Ups x 20
Partner B: Rock Curls x 20
100 yard run x 2
Go through 2 Rounds
“C” is for Cool Down
Partner A: 100 Jumping Jacks
Partner B: 100 Flutter Kicks
Switch…Go through 1 round
Lock legs and perform 50 Sit Ups
Out of time, retire our rocks, and head back to the parking lot for some Mary in 3 corners of the parking lot:
   Freddie Mercuries
   Box cutters
   Mason twists
Back to flag for Count off, Name-o-rama and COT.
Law Dog, from the Kodiak,  graced us with his presence today  when he heard there was going to be PBR. He wasn’t disappointed!
It was discovered there was already a Nomad at the Wreck, so a rename to South West was proposed and accepted.
   Mumble chatter before the PBRc started, but it got quiet as the PAX were focussed on getting the counts right. YHC missed some of the rock ups, and had to go back to finish.
Devito, good at communicating, helped translate the routine which some of the PAX had difficulty in understanding (might be the accent).
Prayers for PAX who are going through a tough time generally – we lift you up.
We want to be focussed on the Sovereignty of God,  not on our own circumstances  and put others before us.
Golf game Wednesday – contact Law Dog and Crack for details.
Getting close the number we need to make  Growruck05 happen. Good group of Alpha men had already signed up:
Mufasa, HaHa, Boomer, Flo ,Babyface, Sneakers, Foghorn, I-Beam, Saint 2.0, Banjo
HC – Bloodhound, Sunshine


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