No Title Needed

When: 10/07/2017

QIC: Dosido

PAX (): BRD (on loan from the Hooch), Ha-Ha, Sneakers, Moonshine, Zohan, Bulldog (Visitor from SC- welcome!), Locksmith, Mufasa, Millertime, Cookie

After what seemed liked a decade of a Q dry spell, I was eager to devise a beat down worthy of our widowmaker warriors. The only downside I saw today was the anemic number of PAX who arrived to conquer it – just 11, which according to my not-so-dependable memory is the fewest to post; like, ever…

heres how it went down:

Warmup:   Jogging. We embarked on the trail system to arrive at the hill, then down we went; it was a long enough route to serve as a sufficient warmup.

Stage 1:   Escalator. In the circle at base of widowmaker hill, start with 5 burpees. Run to manhole cover on hill and add 10 merkins. Run back to circle and add 15 flutters. Run down to king’s court and add 20 squats. Lastly, run back to the circle and add 25 lbc’s. Nicely winded, and heart rates in the triple digits, we head onto the next stage.

Stage 2:   Jog the hill backwards but stop midway for decline IC plank-jacks. Continue to summit and stop for IC mountain climbers. Mosey back into trail system all the way to the rock pile at the far corner of the soccer field.

Stage 3:   Medium-ish rock in hand (eh-hem, I think two PAX didn’t actually hear that instruction) we head into and line up on the soccer field sideline at mid-field. The line of coupons is home. At home we performed 20 reps of the following; Overhead lunges, shoulder taps, curls, and ground-to-overheads. In-between each separate exercise we bear crawled to midfield, stood up and sprinted the next half, then jogged the field perimeter back to home. Also, we shifted 1 rock to the right for each set. Unfortunately, the quality of Millertime’s third set suffered as he landed on one of the questionably small stones and was nearly able to pocket it – come on guys…we are F3!

Stage 4:    Mosey to the upper lot for combinations. First, 15 IC boxcutters followed by run to bathroom structure for 5 handstand pushups then return to upper lot. Next, 15 IC flutter-kicks followed by same run and 5 HS pushups then back to lot again. Last, 15 leg lifts to end the morning.


Welcome to widowmaker BRD & Bulldog, two solid PAX, and two of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Bulldog is job hunting in our area and looking to relocate with his wife and two kids. With enough prayer, we could have this man in our regular rotation within f3Alpha.

Millertime, cookie, & mufasa consistently set the bar today. BRD gave a worthy chase, locksmith was solid as ever, bulldog fought off early woes with the hill to be right in it, ha-ha and sneakers were always nippin at my heels – I couldn’t shake them! moonshine & zohan swept it up very respectfully – we ran nearly 3mi within todays BD, not to mention the miles racked up on the pre-ruck – you guys are making real gains!

We lifted those affected by the Las Vegas massacre, and a co-worker & family of ha-ha (I think) need comfort and strength.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead –


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