You cant’ sit on the fence

When: 09/30/2017

QIC: LawDog

PAX (): Homeboy, Banjo, Misty, Yogi, Legionnaire, Wham-O, Manning, LawDog

So Westside posted on the Cherokee Watercooler about the need for a Q for Saturday’s beatdown yesterday and YHC immediately jumped on it.  A chance to Q at the new AO was not going to be turned down. I have had my eye on this place since it opened. All the curves, beautiful grass fields, and fences. What a place to plan a beatdown.

Here’s what went down.

Mosey to the middle parking lot for some side straddle hops, hillbillies, and windmills.

Mosey up to the skate park and tennis courts. There are nice grass areas perfect for four corner escalators.  First trip around was 10 merkins, bear crawl to corner 2 for 10 merkins, 20 lunges, run to corner 3, for 10 merkins, 20 lunges, 30 lbcs, bear crawl to corner 4 for 10 merkins, 20 lunges, 30 lbcs, and 40 squats.  Round two was 10 shoulder taps, 20 calf raises, 30 American hammers, 40 monkey humbers. Run between corners always facing north.

Ever since the park opened YHC just could not take his eyes off the beautiful fences. Nice pasture size fences all over the park.  It was time to climb the fences. Partner up for some traditional Dora 123. While  one  exercises with Merkins, LBCs, and Squats, the other runs across the field over the fence, through the parking lot, over the second fence, turn around and over the fence, through the parking lot, over the fence and through field to your partner. What a wonderful way to get your Dora on.

Next up an Indian run around the trail to the grass fields. As we arrived, YHC said “Let me count the light poles, B….L….I…..M…..P…….S.” Homeboy said. “Blimps1” The six poles form a giant rectangle around the fields.  Starting with the first light pole 10 Burgees, run to the second pole for 20 lunges, third pole for 30 imperial walkers, fourth pole for 40 merkins, 50 plank jacks at the fifth, and ended with 60 squats at the sixth.  Some mumble chatter about the distance between poles estimating about 100 yards. More like 103 yards to be precise as I am working on my distance control for the F3 golf outing on Oct 18.

From the field we moseyed to the bleachers by the turf field for some dips, step ups, derkins, and gas pumps sitting on the bleacher.  2 rounds total.

Just enough time to Indian run around the trail towards the Flag. Once the Pax made it to the start of the parking lot, we waited on the six and car to pass. As soon as the car passed, Pax sprinted to the Flag. Homeboy must have been hearing Banjo to sprinted that fast all the way to the flag..

2 minutes of Mary that included flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury, American Hammers and a few J-LOs.



Small group at Homeboy’s starts back this Friday at 5:30 am. Let him know by Monday if you plan to attend so he can get enough material. I believe the book is $15.

Golf on Oct. 18th.  Let Law Dog or Crack know if you want to play.

New Quarter Qs start Monday.

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