Soothing to the Core at Caney Creek

When: 09/27/2017


PAX (): Sunshine, Roll Tide, Twinkie, Stay Puff, Railrider, Swiper, Ha Ha, TO


It was a crisp cool cloudless morning full of stars, which are absolutely spectacular in the gloom at Caney Creek.  A silver lining to the poor lighting is the unadulterated view of a perfect night sky.  Two pax came in by foot completely undected, running from NLB and three more shortly followed by fossil fuel conveyance.  We circled up and had Swiper join us right at 5:15 sharp

Warm Up:

  • Two laps around the Caney parking lot and return to the pavilion
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles (Swiper told YHC what The Nation calls them but short term memory is not what it used to be)
  • Circle Burp 3X

Ha Ha, who is always early showed up in time for some circle burp.  The non standard 0515 start got another one.


The Thang

We moseyed over to the middle of the parking lot for a little bit of a Board of Pain, focusing on legs and core.  The Pax paired up, with one running to the middle of the parking lot and back while the other worked on the board.  Switch and repeat until the board was complete.

  • 100 Squats
  • 150 American Hammers
  • 200 SSH
  • 250 LBCs
  • 300 Flutter Kicks

The NLB guys took no mercy on the board of pain and made quicker work of it than YHC could have anticipated, truly impressive.  We added 100 Merkins to the board for fun then reverse LBCs for the Six.

After an 8 count the Pax got in single file and did two laps of an Indian Run around the parking lot before heading back to the flag for some Mary.   J-Lo, Rosalita, Flutter Kicks and LBCs.

There was no slowing the NLB guys down.  I see a challenge for the next Q.



  • Prayers for one Pax’ grandmother who is responding positively to cancer treatment, a mother’s grief in the loss of her father.

Ha Ha on the Q next week at Caney.  Not sure there is a tougher Q, but the early line from Vega is even money that he can slow down the NLB men.

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