Last Beatdown of Q3

When: 09/26/2017

QIC: Zima

PAX (): SlipNSlide, MillerTime, Devito, Radar, SpecialK, T.O. Cookie, Crack, Moonshine, Saban, Kreuger, NachoLIbre, Zohan, Padre, Dosido, Zima

0530 brief mosey over by tennis courts for warmup.


SSH, Imperial Walker, Carolina Dry Docks and squats.

The Thang
Started the beat down by PAX pairing up. One partner did balls to the walls while the other did 20 squats. Flapjack and wash and repeat for 3 sets. Next another round of balls to the wall and 20 merkins in place of squats. 3 rounds.

After fun on the wall a mosey followed to the playground for another partner exercises:  Pull ups and burpees.  Pull ups were in counts of 10,8,6,4. While partner one was doing pull ups partner two did burpees until partner returned from pull ups.

Finally a mosey to field of dreams for a round of 11s. Pax lined up on first base foul line facing 2nd base. Exercises were: split jacks(10) run to 2nd then plank jacks (1) bear crawl back to foul line. Rinse and repeat till 10 plank jacks and 1 split jack were reached. On our way back to the flag an Indian run commenced. Once at the flag one round of obliques and elbow planks.

Quarter end at Rubicon means new quarter Qs for Tues/Thur are needed. YHC is happy to help get any PAX ready to Q.  Widowmaker Q sign up sheet is live on F3 site and link can be found on Watercooler and Rubicon Watercooler on Twitter.

Qs needed for NLB workouts – WED at 5:15 at Caney Creek.

GrowRuck conf call WED at 8pm for those interested in learning more about rucking.


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