GrowRuck 05

We had a great conference call last night with OBT and Robber (OBT helped to start F3 and Robber runs the F3 Ruck account).  So here is some info about the event
Sign Up: GrowRuck
Date: 11/17-11/19
Cost: $150
Run Down:
  • Friday (11/17) –  2nd F that night night (Time unknown as of yet)
  • Saturday (11/18)  – Saturday Morning Beatdown then Breakfast.  After breakfast we will have a 2hr Grow School which is going to be a leadership course.
  • That night we will have our Ruck Challenge for 12 hours through the night.  We will wrap up Sunday morning, clean up, and go home.
Fitness Requirements:
They said that if you come to regular beatdowns you would be fine for the fitness portion of the challenge.  They also said a good standard is if you could score well on a standard Army PT test you would likely excel at the challenge, but it is as much mental as it is physical.  The best way to prepare is to do a lot of squats, mekins, and core exercise.  You will have to carry something heavy during the challenge (log/slosh pipe) a long distance as a team, but if you have a willingness to see it through you will succeed.  Also at some point you will be getting wet in one way or another.


They are looking into a church letting us use their gym to sleep Friday night but if that will not work they are looking into a hotel to get us a group rate at around $100 a room (or person I cannot remember).


Required Equipment:
  • Ruck – it’s obvious but they wanted us to let you know that if you don’t have one you can use any type of backpack or if you need you can borrow a ruck.  We have a large network of guys that will allow send a ruck to you to borrow, and as long as you send it back clean everything is good.  It will also earn the loaner a special Ruck patch so they are happy to help.  If interested let me know.  They also said you can find them on Ebay for about $100 or you can buy a GoRuck back with a 25% discount.
  • Hydration bladder – 2L minimum
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Reflective Tape or belt
  • Weight – 6 Bricks, wrapped in duct tape, or anything to give you 35#
  • $20 quieter cash for cab fare.  You won’t be quitting, we won’t let you we will come through this together, but it is something they require you to have


Recommended Additional Equipment:
  • Some type of food
  • Extra Socks
If interested please let me know. They are looking at trying to finalize some numbers. They have been unimpressed with the response from the Tennessee regions and would like a solid group from us (North ATL). I’m singing up today so I’m going, come join the fun

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