Exercises I Hate Most

When: 09/28/2017

QIC: Moonshine

PAX (): Cookie, Devito, Mayhem, Special K, Lumberg, Swingline, Nacho Libre, Meatloaf, Kruger, T.O., Locksmith, Dosido, Legos, Ha-ha, Zima, Miller Time, Bayside, Jackelope, Goat (FNG), Moonshine

0530 Mosey to side parking lot for warm-ups.


SSH, Carolina Dry Docks, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers.

The Thang

YHC has come to the realization that he really doesn’t like exercise. Not knowing the source of this animosity toward the pain that comes from physical exertion, YHC decided to invite the PAX into his journey of self-discovery by exploring the exercises he hates the most.

With this in mind, after a brief warm-up the PAX was led to the bottom of Broke Back Mountain. As the PAX approached the starting spot YHC automatically began clinching his teeth, wondering why he didn’t fart-sack it today – as he always does when he is led to the bottom of BBM. Then, remembering this was his idea, he relaxed a little and gathered the PAX together for instructions. Partner up, taking turns for three trips up BBM, while partner does Plank-jacks, LBCs, and Squats. Thanks to Ha-ha for demonstrating correct squat technique (which proved to be even more beneficial later). First team back led marys until the 6 came in. Conclusion: running up hill sucks.

Quick 8-count and then mosey to pitchers mount on the Field of Dreams where YHC continued his contemplation on self-inflicted pain with a study of the hated burpee. Deep contemplation often requires a transition from the norm, so YHC decided to try something new and called out a round of Burp & Merks. One-merkin burpee, two-merkin burpee, three-merkin burpee, etc all the way up to 10, then starting again with 10, going back down. YHC actually thought this would be fun, but realized around the eight-merkin burpee mark why he hasn’t done this one before. Conclusion: lost the capacity for rational thought due to oxygen depletion on the mosey over from BBM.

After mostly finishing up (YHC may have skipped 9-6 on the way back down) the PAX assembled at home plate for the next pain experiment – partner carries. Grab your partner from BBM, carry your partner to first base, 10 squats, switch. “Wait, 10 squats with your partner still on your back?” Yep – serious reflection requires serious effort. Thanks again to Ha-ha for previous proper squat technique demonstration. A little time left so continued around the bases with 10 merkins at 3rd and broad jump to home plate for 20 squats to finish. Conclusion: Healthy mumble-chatter is good for the inquisitive mind.

One deep breath then back to the flag for Jackelope and Bayside led mary’s (maybe a seed was planted for a future father-son combo beatdown sometime soon?) and name-o-rama for FNG Goat.


YHC is humbled for the opportunity to lead 20 HIMs. Welcome Goat (FNG). Perfect F3 material. Glad to finally have you out here.

Reflecting on this time of self-discovery YHC has concluded that he does not hate exercise – he hates exercising. After the suck has been embraced and the exercising is over, he really loves the feeling of accomplishment and the men who have suffered along with him, encouraging him, being encouraged by him, and sharing in the pain. Q’ing a beatdown is a fun and rewarding experience. And honestly, if the guy consistently in the six can do it, then so can you.

That being said, there are sign-up sheets available for #Widowmaker, #Rubicon, and #CaneyCreek (NLB) workouts. Please step up and sign up for a day. You will be glad you did.

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