Exit the Dragon

When: 09/25/2017

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Mole, Babyface, Dory, Cricket, Lawdawg, Legionnaire, Hasbro, Harp, Natty Lite, Whammo, Banjo, Homeboy, Buckeye, Manning, Swisher, Pulte, Woody

With my quarterly Q rotation coming to an end, I was feeling nostalgic, or not very creative depending on how you look at it. Instead of getting fancy I looked back at my VQ and decided to see how the group has progressed.


15 SSH

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Instead of the 3 rounds of 6 ab exercises at 20 reps apiece with a lap after each round that the group did last time, YHC decided to up the ante and go with 4 rounds of 6 exercises at 30 reps apiece for a Bruce Lee Mile. It started out

American Hammer x 30 (each side counts as 1)

Reverse LBC x 30

LBC x 30

Heel Touches x 30 (each side counts as 1)

Crunchy Frogs x 30

Flutter Kicks x 30 (each leg counts as 1)

After two rounds, someone (not sure if Lawdawg or Babyface deserves the credit) suggested going with a Kodiak count and adding some reps to the American Hammers, Heel Touches and Flutter Kicks so that both sides equaled 1. And that’s when it became clear that this group has not only grown immensely in number, but also in grit and spirit.

Next up was some Stairway to Heaven

1 box jump at bottom of bleachers then up we went

At the top 1 merkin

Increase reps by 1 until completing 10 of each

Met in the middle of the field afterward for a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Circled up and bear crawled counter clock-wise until I halted the group. I started with 10 merkins while everyone held plank and we went around for everyone and finished just in time to mosey back to where the flag should have been if our Saturday Q hadn’t kept it for himself.


Prayers for Whammo’s daughter and for Lawdawg’s church family


  • GrowRuck coming up in Chattanooga
  • Frogtown Oct. 7
  • 0 camping trip Oct. 14
  • Spartan race at Lake Lanier Oct. 21
  • 3rd F, Homeboy beginning another series Friday 10/6

1 thought on “Exit the Dragon”

  1. While I did contribute greatly to the mumble chatter and made sure heel touches got the Kodiak count they deserved, Babyface deserves all the credit for the idea of correctly counting at the Kodiak.


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