Glad we had even Numbers!

When: 09/25/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): BRD, Boomer, Sneakers, Sunshine, Scrooge, Saint20, Simba, Pita, El Matador

Now YHC has never claimed to be the best at math, but does know that partner focused #beatdowns should work better with an even number of willing participants.  Glad we had 10 of those for 45mins of #gloom beating fun.

The thang:

Warm-up: Mosey around the lot and back through the wrong aisle for some Squats and Cottonpickers.  Enough of that, let’s mosey.

Note: on the way out we see a young lion coming in hot glaring our way, so we grabbed some curb for clock merkins while we waited.  Simba joined and off we went.

Fun thing #1: Stop at the bench for partner Dips and Derkins.  Partner A does 10 dips while partner holds a dip ready position.  Once partner A hits 10, then partner B does the dips while A holds a dip ready position.  9-9, 8-8, 7-7, 6-6,…,1-1.  Same with Derkins, but with derkin ready position for the hold.

Fun thing #2:  Mosey on over to the trail near JC high school.  Grab another partner for some Burpee chaser action.  Partner A bearcrawls away while partner B does 5 burpees.  Once the burpees are done B catches A and they switch.  The moving was bearcrawls until we hit the bridge, duck walks from bridge to bench, and zombie walks from Bench to wall.

Fun thing #3: At the wall we switched partners again.  Partner A did wall jumps for 10, while partner B held air chair.  Same set up as fun thing #1 (see above).

Fun thing #4: Dora 1-2-3 at the rock pile.  100 AMERICAN HAMMERS, 200 Curls, and 300 squats with coupon.  Partner A working while partner B runs up the hill and back.

Running tight on time so we dropped the coupons and headed back towards the flag.  El matador pushed the PAX all the way back until Simba blew past to capture the flag.

1 MOM- c-crunches in cadence.

The clock rang 6:15

COT: Prayers for the Dab, little red dog, our divided nation, and the group in general

Moleskin:  GrowRuck conference call Wed, Third F book study starting post beatdown Wed, and 2nd F fattening food and/or cold drink outing soon.

BRD “volunteered” for his very first Q.  Come on out and support the Big Red Dog this Wednesday!

Honored to lead this a.m.


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