1,122 Reps in 45 Minutes

When: 09/25/2017

QIC: Bear

PAX (): Jackalope, Bayside, Deuce, Percy, Booter, Toothpick, Sprocket, Caboose, Doogie, Aflac, Thumper, Squeegee, Nomad, Double D, Green Bean, Sleeper, Ibeam, Circus, Windex, Moonshine, Virginia Slim, Bear

I don’t know if this rep count is good or not but it sounds cool so we will assume it’s a big number! Birthday Qs are always a great excuse to go BIG! 22 PAX showed up this morning for a high volume and hopefully intense Beatdown!

The Thang:
It was simple really. 33 light posts. 33 reps at each post (66 reps at the first one). 33 different exercises for the most part. Here they are:
  1. SSH – Actually did 66 of these because they were IC
  2. Stone Mtn Merkin
  3. Squat
  4. Merkin
  5. Lunges
  6. Diamond Merkin
  7. Jump Squat – PAIN
  8. Wide Grip Merkin
  9. Jump Lunges – DOUBLE PAIN
  10. Staggered Merkin (left hand positioned top left of imaginary box; right hand bottom right of box)
  11. Calf Raises – Not planned but amazing that these fell exactly where the stairs were! #fate
  12. Staggered Merkin (switch from previous)
  13. LBCs
  14. Shoulder Press
  15. Oblique (Left over Right)
  16. Oblique (Right over Left)
  17. Shoulder Front Raises
  18. Dying Cockroach
  19. Shoulder Flys
  20. Peter Parker
  21. Shoulder Press
  22. Parker Peter
  23. Shoulder Front Raises
  24. Crunchy Frog
  25. Shoulder Flys
  26. Dolly
  27. Shoulder Press
  28. Freddy Mercury
  29. Yankee Aggressor
  30. Southern Gentlemen
  31. BURPEES – Thank you Jackalope!! I call this segment “Free Lead” where I handed Q off to a few PAX to finish it off.
  32. SSH – Thanks Virginia Slim!
  33. Prisoner Squat – Thanks Windex!
If my count / record is correct, we did 1,122 reps in 45 minutes. Yeah Cmon!
Keep families in mind that have had or are having babies very soon! Congrats Hat Trick!!

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