Wreck WolfPAX

When: 09/23/2017


PAX (): Bear, Caffeine, Chelsea, Circus, I-Beam, Sprocket, Thumper, Toothpick

F3 Trail Run
Source: Garmin Connect

As a culmination to “Hell Week” (1.0), YHC was honored to lead a strong wolfPAX for some trail work on a beautiful Saturday morning to finish out the week.  Upon arriving, YHC noticed Thumper in attendance which meant this would be a bit more than a casual stroll through the woods.  After waiting on a tardy Sprocket and listening to I-Beam sandbag us all about how slow he’ll be, we were off.

We started with a gentle warm-up along Vickery Creek, and hit some single-track just across the bridge to get the blood pumping.  A quick round of Merkins for the six at the 4-way to keep the PAX together.  Once re-grouped, onward we went along the Eastern perimeter of woodlands until we hit Indian Springs Dr. where Thumper decided to let gravity take over (he put 100 yards on us in no time).

We gathered ourselves for a short stint along Riverside and prepared for the steep ascent back up Vickery Creek trail (aka, the hill that never quits).  I’m not sure that Chelsea & Circus got the memo that the race was on, but all the PAX made a hard push with Thumper leading the way.  YHC was too smoked to notice who else was in tow, but did note that Toothpick, Bear, and I-Beam (!) were hot on his heels.

Resume with a recovery pace, until YHC heard Chelsea begging for more hills.  Audible called, with an alternate route back home with a couple of nice rollers to finish things off before crossing the bridge for the final stretch.

Major props go to Bear, Chelsea, I-Beam, and Toothpick for finishing the full Hell Week sixer.  Way to finish strong, gentlemen!

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