Last day of Summer fling with the Bulgarian Ladies

When: 09/21/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Swiper, Clyde, Darth Visor, Olaf, Snake, Reuben and Ha-ha

YHC was honored to lead at Big Creek this morning. It is the 21st of September, the last day of summer 2017. To mark the occasion we danced with the Bulgarian ladies this morning.

0530 and we all selected a dance partner and moseied around to the back parking lot and circled up.

Warm up IC:
21 SSH
21 Cotton Pickers
with the bags:
Right Chop
Left Chop
Practiced a few “bags around the world” starting with the sand bags in front swing them up and around behind the head and back down in front keeping the momentum going for the next circle.

Properly warmed up we moseied up to the field behind the admin building for a Tabata 4 corners.

First round with the ladies:

60 seconds AMRAP work then 20 seconds to mosey to the next corner:

Corner 1 Merkins with sand bag drag at high plank on each up
Corner 2 Curls
Corner 3 Weighted Squats
Corner 4 Bag Swings (swing bag from between your legs to face high and repeat

45 seconds AMRAP work then 20 seconds to mosey to the next corner:

Corner 1 Weighted Merkins (bag on shoulders)
Corner 2 Shoulder Press
Corner 3 Bags around the world right
Corner 4 Bags around the world left

Mosey to B ball fields. Run with the ladies down to the concession stand and back between each exercise:

20 Shoulder Press
Weighted lunge to tree and back
10 Burpees with lift bag overhead at end instead of jump up

Mosey to flag for Mary

LBC while holding bags over head
BBSU – Lay out with bags over head and sit up while pulling bags in front over knees
Freddie Mercury
Dieing cockroach

Return the ladies to the truck


Prayers for healing, recovery in Florida and Texas.


Great to be out with the Big Creek crew and to meet a couple of new faces one of which joined last week after hearing the Art of Manliness podcast with Dredd and OBT. Thanks for letting me lead.

Coffeteria afterwards with 5/7 in attendance.

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