Nice Cones Dude

When: 09/20/2017

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Sunshine, Bear, I-Beam, Toothpick, Twinkie (FNG), Roll Tide, T.O., HaHa, Crack, Donner, Moonshine, Chelsea, Cub (FNG), Stay Puft (FNG), Railrider, Emerald, Mater (FNG)

04:40 alarm buzz came quick for ole YHC.   Arrived in the Caney Creek gloom at 05:00 on a perfect Wednesday morning.  Setup a few cones and scouted the area one last time before the PAX came flooding in – both by car and foot.  The NLB crew arrived on time and energetic, so off we went.

Mosey around the parking lot twice, circle up.  SSH,  Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers.  Mosey toward the ropes course and circle around back to the big ass field.

4 Corners (marked by cones in the darkness)
-always facing the same direction, run to the 1st cone, 25 merkins
-side shuffle to the 2nd cone, 50 squats
-backwards run to the 3rd cone, 25 plankjacks
-side shuffle to the starting cone, 50 LBC
-Rinse and Repeat with a few subtle twists
-mosey over to the rock pile and grab a coupon and partner
-partner A runs to the end of the parking lot and back while partner B does rock exercises – Curls, Overhead Press, Skull Crushers, Bent Over Rows
-flap jack after each turn – each partner does 4 runs and 4 exercises
-mosey over to the pavilion for Dips and Step Ups
-after a few rounds, a short mosey over for 5 MOM to close us out
-Freddie Mercury, Reverse LBC, LBC and a few more

18 PAX out on a beautiful morning.  Lots to be thankful for.  Great crew from NLB, a bunch of Wreck PAX conquering hellweek, 4 FNG’s and a bunch of steady regulars.  YHC humbled to lead this group.  Prayers for those recovering from illness and injury.  Let us all not forget that F3 is “much more than a workout”.  **2 posted for a Post-15 beatdown in the gloom.

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