Monkey Business

When: 09/20/2017

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Jackelope, Tee-Pee, Caboose, Bronco, Double D, Booter, Nature Boy, Sprocket, Aflac, Thumper, Doogie, Squeegee, Crab Legs, Deuce, Polaroid, Caffeine, Patch, Grease Monkey

While #HellWeek continued for some of the Wreck crew at NLB, 18 men showed up for some mid-week monkey business. At 0530 we were off moseying to the small parking lot for some warmup.


15 each of the following:

Side Straddle Hops

Imperial Walkers


Mountain Climbers


12 more SSHs for good measure

The Thang

We continued our Mosey toward the football field when YHC realized we had almost passed The Hill. We stopped there for a quick set of 11s: Burpees at the top, Big Boy Situps at the bottom. Planked at the bottom while waiting for the Six.

Quick 10 count then we took a shortcut over to the football field and lined up at the goal line. Five sets of suicides followed:

10 yard line and back: 10 Merkins

20 yard line and back: 20 Bobby Hurleys

30 yard line and back: 30 LBCs

40 yard line and back: 40 Shoulder raises

50 yard line and back: 50 American Hammers (although some noted the 4-count cadence actually equaled 200; oh well, it killed some time)

We then circled up on the field for a little Bear Crawl Ring of Fire. The PAX proceeded to bear crawl the entire circumference of the circle and halted to a plank position while YHC kicked of a set of 10 Merkins. Then the next PAX to the right did 10 Merkins while the rest planked until it was their turn and we had made it all the way around the circle. We rinsed and repeated twice with Diamond Merkins and Werkins, but reduced the plank time by having two PAX working at a time.

The clock said it was time to mosey back to the flag as YHC had some “wind-down” musical activity planned. Since it was a Grease Monkey Q, why not play some “Shock the Monkey” and burpee every time it says monkey; with squats in between. Nothing like sweatin to the 80s. Enough time remained for a few quick Marys and then we were done.

COT/ Moleskin:

Crazy Love Coffee Shop after

3rd F tomorrow with Sprocket at Crazy Love @ 6:30

Thanks for answered prayers for workplace situation by Sprocket.

Prayer request for G Monkey’s co-worker’s son, Mason Counter, who just underwent spinal surgery and has a long recovery ahead.

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