Dilly Dilly!!!

When: 09/19/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Koi, Clyde, Swiper, Darth, Reuben

YHC pulled into the AO at Big Creek excited to start this fall season with a bang. Fellow brother Darth was anxiously waiting for the beatdown when YHC pulled in….you could tell by that little glimmer in his eye. I quickly planted the flag ready to clock in for the pain followed by 3 more PAX ready to mosey. Dilly dilly!!


After a quick mosey around the corner to the base of Kilimanjaro, we set up camp:

20 SSH (IC)

15 Abe Bagota (IC)

Quick mosey up the inclined road with 10 Merkins at 2nd sign, 15 at 4th sign, and 20 merkins at top. Quick right to the small hill.

The Thang

We began our first stretch of mountain work with some quick 11’s:

Starting at base of hill, 1 push-up- quick run to the top with 10 star  jumps.  Back down for 2 push-ups at bottom with 9 star jumps at top. Continue until we max out with 10 push-ups at bottom with 1 star jump at top.

Short jog, which unfortunately turned into a “blind mosey” due to the pitch black of the gloom with literally no light to guide us.  We finally stumbled down to the main soccer field.

All 5 PAX lined up side by side for a bear crawl across to the width of the field.  Catch your breath, then lunges halfway with bear crawl back.  YHC snickered as he finished when fellow brother Clyde belted out a chant of “dilly dilly!”for some tired approval.

Mosey down to the base of Kilimanjaro for more mountain work.

Start at base of mountain:

10 Burpees/10 Mountain climbers at top.

20 Diamond Merkins at base/20 Lunges top

30 Carolina dry docks/30 squats

40 plank jacks/40 LBC’s

Quick Mosey to rock pile to grab our favorite coupons for some Colt 102’s in honor of the home town Falcons putting up 34 points on the Packers. 34 full bicep curls/34 skull crushers/ 34 full.  Feel the burn!

Mosey down through Roman Columns to picnic tables:

20 box jumps/20 dips x 2

Quick Indian run around the long way of the  track back to flag for Mary……..or was it?

20 crunchy frogs (IC)

20 Ja-Lo’s (IC)

20 crunchy frogs (IC)

20 Russian hammers (IC)

10 Box cutters (IC)

10 dying cockroaches (IC)

COT/ Moleskin

-Continue growth for NLB AO

-Talked about ways to increase numbers since they have dropped; and reaching to PAX members who are MIA.

-Prayers for family who’s husband/father is dealing with colon cancer diagnosis.

-travel safety for Swiper





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