Hattrick Q

When: 09/18/2017

QIC: Hattrick

PAX (): Toothpick, Turbine, Devito, Thumper, Ibeam, AFLAC, Doogie, Chelsea, Double D, Smackdown, Squeegee, Booter, Bear, Nature Boy, Grease Monkey, Moonshine, Matlock, Percy, Jackalope, Sprocket

21 PAX arrived at the Wreck to punch Monday in the face and get the week started (Hell week anyone? more below) , three PAX of which could get a call at any moment during the beatdown saying their wife is birthing a human.  Lets get it.

Warm up: 

There’s something about Qing that gets me up earlier. YHC usually rolls in at 5:29:59, however this AM,  there a few early to catch up with a few of ya.  On to business.  The PAX mosey on the trail to the pond, circle up by the flag and get some SSHs and Tempo merkins.  YHC doesn’t do well being in one place for too long so off we go, mosey to the parking lot up the trail.

The Thang: 

We halt at the parking lot and go straight into “Ascending Curb Crawls”; starting position Bear Crawl facing opposite curb. BC to other side, turn & place feet on curb to complete one Derkin, crawl back and complete two Derkins up to 10. Whoops.  The hands took a beating on the asphalt feeling like we were mega-high fiving a bed of nails, blood drawn, so we modify to finish at 5.

Mosey to the diamond to partner up. One runs around the field, the other up the steps and around the parking lot, meeting up to alternate doing 15 squat jumps knees slapping hands of partner as they outstretched.  Another lap, 15 merkins with feet on partner in plank position and switch.  A final lap, One more ‘gain. In honor of YHC and Smackdown’s hometown of Aiken, SC; we all grabbed a spot on the wall for some “Aiken Legs”; 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 step ups (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks.

Mosey to the turf field for a hundred yards of bear crawls / burpees starting with 10 burpees at the goal line, decreasing by 1 as you arrive at the next 10 yard marker all the way to the opposite goal line.  Mosey back to the flag, circled up for some MARY until time.


  • three baby WRECK PAX due any day now; Ibeam, Hattrick and Chelsea (prayers that Mrs Chelsea doesn’t pop while he’s traveling this week)


  • Challenge to the PAX, Hell Week; 6 beatdowns in 6 days.

Monday/Friday @ The WRECK (still per usual on Wednesdays as well if can’t make Caney Creek)

Wednesday @ Caney Creek (No Longer Bound – Give it Away)

Tuesday/Thursday @ Rubicon (Wills Park)

Saturday @AlphaRuck (Webb Bridge)

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