0.0 Part II- Renegades of Funk

When: 09/13/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Moonshine, Olaf, T.O., Cookie, HaHa, Swiper

7 PAX strong for an early morning beat down in South Forsyth.  Good times.  They say you learn something new everyday and today YHC learned that there are two entrances to the park that don’t connect to each other.  At 6:15, YHC contacted T.O. who got me where I needed to be to lead.  Glad the PAX waited for the Q to start the beatdown!

The Thang:

After being slightly delayed, the PAX joined in for bunch of exercises.  YHC opened up the playbook today for 45s of AMRAP and 20s of recovery.  Here’s as many as I can remember:  SSHs, LBCs, Gas Pumpers, BuzzSaws, Walk out Merkins, Crab Cakes, Walk the Planks, Jilly Dots, Basistakovs, Squats, Imperial Squawkers, Fire feet burpees, Carolina Dry Docks, Broad Jumps/with three jumps back, T Merkins, Dive Bomber merkins, Mountain Climbers (for Haha), Side Plank Toe Touches, Bobby Hurley’s, N’makdars, Tomahawk Chops, Crossbody Toe Touches….there were more, but you probably stopped reading anyway.

**Playlist: Ozzie, GNR, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, and Beastie Boys

COT:  Big prayers up for friends with surgery complications and cancer, damage in FL, and for growth in our group.

Coffeeteria: 6 stayed for some laughs and a cup of joe.  #2nd F

Honored to lead and enjoyed every minute of it!


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