9/11 – The 78 workout

When: 09/11/2017


PAX (): Caboose, Aflac, Grease Monkey, Turbine, Smack down, Bear, I-Beam, Circus, Sprocket, Bronco, Toothpick, DD

PAX:  12

Warm Up:

Scorpion – Rock You like a Hurricane – Squats during song with Burpee every time they said Hurricane – In reference to hurricane Irma

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA – Side Straddle Hops during song with Burpee every time Bruce said Born in the USA – In honor of 9/11, even though Bruce says it’s not bragging about the USA, it still feels good to sing at the top of your lungs “Born in the USA”

Mosey to Football field and 15 Flutter kicks until 6 was in.

The Thang:

78 floors is believed to be the highest firefighters made it to when the rescue mission started on the twin towers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orio_Palmer).  So 12 PAX started out on a goal of reaching 78 floors by running the bleachers by the football field.

The routine was 6 rounds of 13 flights of stairs at a time.  Each PAX ran up and down the “flight of steps” 13 times and then did each of the following after each round of 13.

Round 1: 100 LBC’s

Round 2: 100 Squats

Round 3: 100 American Hammers

Round 4: 50 Flutter Kicks

Round 5: 25 Merkins

Round 6: 25 Burpees

As time expired, some PAX did not complete all the workout.

Nothing says America like the Wave at a ball game and the American pushup so…..

Circled up in Plank position and did Merkins as a wave.  Each person in the circle waited for the person to their left to start their Merkin and then they followed suit creating something similar to a wave at a ballgame.  We did 10 rounds and moseyed back to the flag.


Aflac led us in 1 round of 15 flutter kicks to close out the day.


Bronco will be leading on Wednesday in his Q debut

No Longer Bound is only on Wednesdays and enter at the “second entrance” if you attend.

Prayer Request:





S Talk:

F3 member who requested Hurricane themed workout, did not show up for workout even though request was granted.  No naming names @f3_Booter.  (He later gave an excuse about having to go into work early and Q felt bad for giving him a hard time.  *Won’t stop Q from doing it again though*)

Never ever google Merkin, even if it is just to confirm spelling because F3Alpah is down.

Stay safe out there out there.

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