Shouldering the Load

When: 09/05/2017

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Millertime, Radar, Saban, Jackalope, Cookie, SlipnSlide, SpecialK, Locksmith, Crack, Devito, Moonshine, Zima

At 0530 a mosey to parking lot by equestrian field for the warmup.


Warmup consisted of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers and Circle Burps. As Circle Burps commenced we had a couple late arriving PAX (Crack, cough, Moonshine, cough, cough) that somehow found us.

The Thang

After the warmup, a brief mosey to the playground.  There PAX paired up for a Pull-up/Derkin combo.  One Pax got in airchair position against the wall and performed the wonderbra while the other did Pull-up.  5 rounds of pull ups starting at rep count 2 then 4,6,8 up to 10.  After returning from the pull ups 10 derkins using your partners legs for support.  Flapjack until 5 rounds were complete.

Next a mosey to field of dreams for some work on the diamond.
Round 1: Starting at home plate, partner wheelbarrow to 1B, flapjack to 2B.  At 2B 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  Lunge walk from 2Bto 3Bfor 10 burpees.  Bear crawl to home plate, 10 more Dry Docks.

Round 2: Starting at home plate, partner wheelbarrow to 1B, flapjack to 2B.  At 2B 20 American Hammers.  Lunge walk from 2B to 3B for 10 burpees.  Bear crawl to home plate, 20 American Hammers.

Round 3: Starting at home plate, partner wheelbarrow to 1B, flapjack to second.  At 2B 30 LBCs.  Lunge walk from 2Bto 3B for 30 plank jacks.  Bear crawl to home plate, 30 LBCs. Finally, an Indian Run around the field and then mosey back to the flag for quick 2 rounds of Mary (Dolly, Elbow Plank)


For those not on Twitter, Cookie encouraged those to join to get connected.   Also momentum at The Rubicon has slowed.  Need to get chatter back up and others less engaged more engaged.

Shout out to Locksmith who will make his VQ debut Thursday.


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