B.O.M.B.S away!!

When: 09/05/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Olaf, Houser, Skynard, Bangkok, Clyde, Visor, Reuben

YHC set out on a mission this morning thirsty for the gloom. After 3 days straight of no beat downs including the Labor Day holiday, the thirst needed to be satisfied. The hope was it would be shared by the the rest of the PAX. Luckily, the thirst was infectious so we set off on our mission into the gloom. Lets mosey!!

Circle around the Southside of the park towards Kilimanjaro, we circled up a quick warm-up in the back parking lot:

20 SSH (IC)

16 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Quick mosey down to rock pile to grab your favorite coupon and partner up for some B.O.M.B.S:

Begin at base of inclined road. Partner 1 starts 50 Burpees/Partner 2 runs uphill with coupon and back down. (same routine w/ other excercises).

Overhead claps-150 w/ both partners(partner 1-claps/partner 2 runs)

Merkins x 150(partner 2 runs w/ coupon-switch

Big boy sit-ups x 200(duplicate run w/ partner).

Squats x 200 w/ coupon (same routine w/ partner).

No time for 10 count. Let’s mosey down to the picnic tables for a modified Aiken legs excercise:

20 Box jumps/20 squats- rinse and repeat!

Back to the flag for mary:

-Flutter x 10 (IC)

-Ja-Lo x 10 (IC)

-Box cutter x 10 (IC)


Rosalita x 10 (IC)


Encouraged each other to remember those guys in community who need accountability- that is the joy of F3. Men are hungery for brother ship- we just need to find them.

NLB extension continues Wednesday’s at 5:15 am at Caney Park

Camel Hump was a success-Visor, Clyde, and Dash represented well.

Prayers for Skynard and his Dad’s treatment coming up for throat cancer.


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