Merkin & Bear Crawl Overload

When: 09/02/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Cookie, Swiper, Big Dif, Saban, Crack, Foghorn, Clyde

8 PAX came out on a really nice morning for some hard work (5 started, 3 more joined).  YHC promised a lot of Merkins, and I think we hit a nice variety.  It was a smaller crew due to the Camel Hump, but they didn’t miss a beat!

Mosey out to the circle for a Warmup in Cadence:

10 Merkins

10 Cotton Pickers

10 SSH’s

10 Imperial Walkers

Mosey’d back to the soccer field for the the first round: DMC work end-to-end, Bear Crawling one way and running back.  Merkins in four different spots: 5, 10, 15, 20.  Round two cut the distance in half for Crabwalks and Diamond Merkins.  Afterwards we Bear Crawled the stairs, with Irkins on each step.

Is that the Camel Hump?  Nope, just 3 PAX running from somewhere to join the party.  Just in time for Dips and Derkins on the picnic tables.  20’s, down 5 5’s. The CH’s showed up looking like they just put a strong effort in already this morning.  We couldn’t get them to join us?

A nice little trail run led us around and back to the soccer field for some Blackjack action.  Merkins on one side starting at 20, with 1 LBC on the other side.  Most of us made it down to 14 before Q called time.  That is except for Big Dif, that guy is a monster!

6 Minutes of Mary around the circle, with all 8 PAX calling an exercise just in time.  Hard, strong work, and this Q is always amazed at the effort these men put forward!

Prayers for several needs with F3Alpha PAX.  Also for the tough times in Houston, and the struggles they are facing.


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