Start and End on Time!

When: 09/01/2017

QIC: Bear

PAX (): 7Up, Happy Feet (FNG), TP, Sprocket, Booter, Caboose, Circus, Conquistador, Screech (FNG), Thumper, Chelsea, Ibeam, Zima, Squeegee, Gearhead, Smackdown, Crablegs, Bird Dog, Rooney, Toothpick, Nature Boy, Bear

A windy but glorious morning at The Wreck in Roswell, GA! 22 men showed up for a Friday beatdown (the numbers are growing every day of the week!!). Welcome Happy Feet and Screech (Screech, who is a junior in high school, looked at Thumper and said…”what’s that?” regarding his new name).

If you get out of the fart-sack on a Friday morning of a long weekend, you earn respect!

There was no warmup this morning so RIGHT at 5:30 (some grumbled we started early), we moseyed as a group to the Monster Hill of Pain. We moseyed together because QIC explained the first workout on the way to the hill. There would be no stopping at the hill for rest or further explanation.


Hit the Monster Hill of Pain and GOOOO!!!!

  • At the base of the hill – 10 Wide Merkins
  • Halfway up the hill – 10 incline Merkins
  • Top of the hill – 10 Carolina Drydock Merkins (AKA Stone Mtn Merkins)
  • Run back down to bottom; repeat reducing the reps by 1 each time

When done, box jumps on the wall at the base of the hill.

When 6 was in, we lined up shoulder to shoulder and “skipped” down the wall touching each toe to the top of the wall. First the PAX moved left all the way down the wall. Then the PAX moved right all the way back to the beginning.

Mosey to large parking lot next to football fields. Partner Up.

  • Partner 1 runs the LONG trail route around ALL 4 of the turf fields and back to the parking lot (official distance of the FULL loop was 0.765 miles)
  • Meanwhile, partner 2 is doing Burpees the entire time partner 1 is running
  • Switch and partner 2 runs while partner 1 does burpees
  • Then same thing but with Mountain Climbers
  • Pax was looking very weary at times and lots of mumble chatter going on so QIC led some quick Mary to break it up towards the end
  • Pax moseyed to flag while Bear and Toothpick waiting on their partners, TP and Sprocket, to finish the final lap
  • Quick mosey to flag and recover at 6:17
  • No time for partner pullups on the playground!

QIC didn’t want there to be any down time! Great work men!


  • Crazy Love Coffeeteria afterwards; The Bayside crew went to CFA for some free breakfast
  • Monday (Labor Day) beatdown will be at 7AM; spread the word to those that weren’t there

Think About / Pray About

  • Lots of babies due soon
  • Houston flooding

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