Not Far, but hard.

When: 08/30/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): BRD, Sunshine, El Matador, Scrooge, Sneakers, Saint2O

Glad to report of a great morning at #thehooch this a.m.  With rain threatening YHC brought some different kind of #DRPs for the PAX to chew on and swallow.

Warm-up:  Mosey around the lot and circle back for some SSHs, Hillbillies, and Imperial Walkers.

COT: That’s right we stopped and prayed for the Caney Creek launch, much love heading up 141.

The group headed over to the rotunda with a new playlist and speaker in hand.  Less Chris Tomlin and more AC/DC.  We did 45s AMRAPS and 15s rest periods for 35 minutes straight.  If it was a body weight exercise, then there is a good chance we did.  Well done PAX.

Getting close to the bell so we moseyed back to the flag and circled up for name-o-rama and prayer.

Moleskin: Camel Hump and correction to Caney Creek day/time.

COT: Prayers up for Houston, for those looking for work, health, and probably some other things.  The good Lord knows what his children needs.


Nice work gents!



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