Tour de Avalon

When: 08/25/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Crack, T.O. and Ha-ha

Man it’s nice when the weather starts to cool down and dry out! Low 60s this morning felt like a breath of fresh air as 3 faithful PAX turned out for Hoppy Like this morning. Plan for this morning was a tour of the Avalon so at 0530 we took off down Academy Street to West side Parkway, in the back entrance of the Avalon and through the quiet streets back out to Old Milton back to West Side and south to Haynes Bridge and back to downtown.


FIA meeting tonight at Avalon

FIA first workout on 9/9

No Longer Bound AO launch on next Wednesday 8/30 at 0515 at Caney Creek Preserve

Prayers for PAX on the mend

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