Heavy Bag Work

When: 08/23/2017


PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, the Dab, Catfish, El Matador, BRD, Saint 2 0, Simba, Wifi

YHC has a heavy bag and isn’t afraid to use it, especially on his anniversary.  YHC also knows what you are thinking, just stop it.  The big sand bag made reappearance today for all of the #hooch men to enjoy.

Warm-up: mosey around the lot and back to the flat for some SSHs and Hillbillies.  Boomer was warm so we took off towards Perimeter.

Quick stop beyond the IronTribe to show off our star jumping skills while the PAX air chaired.

Moseyed to the soccer field wear YHC had planted the 70- lb sand bag for group to enjoy.  We lined up in the lot and set the about 20-yards in front of our line.  Round 1: The first man ran out and did squat presses (14 in commemoration of my anniversary to the M) with the big bag.  He ran back and tagged the next PAX in line for their turn.  While waiting in line the PAX did surrender squats (5 each leg),   Monkey humpers (20), and squats (20).  Once everyone had a turn.  We changed up the exercises for round 2.  Round 2: Bear Hug Squats (14) with the bag and Barishrikovs (10 each leg), t-merkins (10), and C-Crunches (10).  Round 3: PAX with the bag would take a bearcrawl out then pull the bag on the ground with him.  7 bear crawls/pulls out, 7 back.  The other PAX were going through Power L’s (10), Windshield Wipers (10), and something else (I honestly can’t remember).

Mosey back taking turns carrying the bag and a 2 minute plank for Mary.

C.O.T.- Big prayers up for Wifi’s MIL, our kids, Squirrel/Ralphie’s job search, praise for Catfish’s next step, the Caney Creek Launch, and the Stephen’s family.

Coffeeteria: Good discussion time with 6 P.A.X. hanging round


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