A totally eclipsed Q

When: 08/22/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Bangkok, Beans, Body, Chubbs, Clyde, Crack, Gizmo, Houser, Koi, Olaf, Skynard, Swiper, Reuben

Well, I know what your saying. “Not another Q with a theme. Well, for all you nay sayers, YHC couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use yesterday’s nationwide event to his advantage. Hec, we even had a special guest appearance from our brother Crack! And a reunion tour from fellow Big Creek member Gizmo! Let’s mosey!

Cruz around the park via the paved road. Wait! Here comes some stragglers to join the PAX…..Skynard and Houser! Stop and do 10 merkins while we wait. Mosey around the curve to the front entrance……stop again and do 5 Burpees! Gotta get that blood pumpin. Mosey over to the first picnic area for warm-up, but baby, this was no picnic. Wait! Another straggler! It’s Crack! Welcome!

SSH x 20 (IC)

Cotton Mill x 12 (IC)

Plank Jacks x 15 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC)

The Thang

YHC picked 4 points around the circumference of the park for our “path of totality” of our eclipse Q. (Each point represented the 4 major cities the eclipse could be seen-Lincoln, Salem, Nashville, and Charleston). Unfortunately we were only able to do 3 sections. All PAX partnered up.

1st point:

Partner 1 did 20 dips on curb then 20 mountain climbers-repeat. 2nd partner ran around circumference of park- then rotate. No resting in between sets. Constant movement.

2nd point:

Partner 2: 20 balboa’s then 20 diamond merkins. Partner 1 ran park circle. Rotate/repeat.

3rd point;

Parner 1: 20 American Hammers then 5 Burpees. Partner 2 ran- rotate repeat(due to lack of time , we shortened run to a quarter of circle instead of full.

Indian run back to flag for Mary:

-Box cutters x 10 (IC)

-Flutters x 10 (IC)

-ABC’s (OYO)


13 total today. Our average continues. Thanks to Crack for making an appearance and good to see Gizmo again after his journey over to China. What a story you have!

-Camel Hump coming up Saturday before Labor Day.

-Expansion with NLB-at Caney Park-Aug. 30th.

-Continued prayers for our maturity as men in all aspects of our lives.


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