A Fondue Guy-like Beatdown

When: 08/22/2017

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Bayside, Jackalope, Meatloaf, Devito, Dosido, MillerTime, PAdre, Depends, TO, FondueGuy, Zohan, Zima, Cookie, SlipNSlide, Krueger

15 PAX today at the Rubicon. I knew the beat down was going to go to a certain way when the likes of Fondue guy appeared at 0530.

We started with a nice mosey to the parking lot next to the equestrian field for the warmup.


SSH, Cottonpickers, Imperial walkers and circle burps.

Next, a very brief mosey up the street to the sight of where many feel pain and thoughts of ‘I’m never doing this again.’ AKA FondueGuy hill.  Here PAX partnered up and while one ran up the hill to the top and back, the other did exercises.  Three rounds total:  Round `1 Burpees, Round 2 Squats and Round 3 American Hammers.   A couple rounds of Mary and then we were off on another Mosey – this time to the playground.

While working with your partner, we set up for rounds of Pull ups while your partner assumed the wonder bra position until your partner was finished with their pull ups.  We did 5 rounds of pull ups.  Rep counts were 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.  After an 8 count, we moseyed to the pavilion.

One quick round of Hail Mary (dips with your feet on the back of your partner while in plank position) and then it was back to the flag.


Quiet close to the beat down as several PAX had to run. We were joined by 2 FNG’s so a quick name-o-rama and SlipNslide (named after slide into the creek during a ruck) and Krueger (named as this FNG’s favorite movie is Saw) were born.  We were also joined by a visiting PAX – Depends – from the Carolinas (not sure which one)

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