No Special Glasses for This Eclipse

When: 08/21/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): BRD, Flo, The Dab, Piggy, Pony Boy, Saint 2.0

7 PAX came out for an Eclipse-style warmup and short mosey.  Who knew that arm-circles were actually called Sun gods?  Moon gods were there too for some enjoyment.  20 SSH’s and 10 HillBilly’s got us ready for the Deck of Death!
YHC added a little twist to the usual deck of cards.  Two decks shuffled into one with 52 counted out means who knows what we’ll get.  Burpees, Merkins, Squats, & LBC’s were in store.  Somehow, it turned out to be heavy on squats and LBC’s.  How did that happen?  Flo wants the other half of the deck next time!
68 Burpees
68 Merkins
85 Squats
116 LBC’s
Not nearly enough merkins (or time) in the deck, so we moseyed to a curb for 4X10’s.  I don’t think BRD was excited about that, so it sounds like YHC should have done a few more.
6 rounds of Lieutenant Dan’s on the way back made sure those legs were done, with plenty of time for Mary.  Around we went for:
20 Flutters
15 American Hammers
15 Floyd Mayweathers
15 Freddie Mercury’s
15 Dying Cockroaches
15 Carolina Dry Docks
Prayers for Pony’s M and 2nd week of homeschool.  All the 2.0’s into their 2nd/3rd week.  And prayers that God would empower all of us to be a little bit more of the men He’s called us to be.

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