The half is just as filling as the whole

When: 08/15/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Clyde, Body, Dash, Flash, Hacksaw, Hero, Koi, Olaf, Picasso Watson, Swiper, Reuben

YHC woke to the 4:30 am alarm.  The temptation of the  ole fartsack was indeed inticing. He new however, that the Big Creek PAX were thirsty for another beat down.  With inspiration influenced by our brothers from the Rubicon and a Q from member Hardstick, YHC ventured to the sacred Creek only to find word that one of its members(not mentioning names) had fallen victim to the dreaded sack (aka brother Darth, nuff said). Dispite the let down, the PAX present came, saw, and conquered. Let’s Mosey!

Cruz on over to base of the track for a little modified warm-up. Here’s a little taste:

SSH x 10 (IC)

1 Burpee

Crunchy Frogs x 10 (IC)

2 Burpees (PAX were catching on to a theme here).

Hillbilly x 10 (IC)

3 Burpees

Squats x 10 (IC)

4 Burpees

The Thang:

Quick couple steps toward track  for start of our revised half Murph.  After 1 mile around the track(we decided to do both .5 miles together) we broke up into pairs for 100 push-ups combined.  Plank when finished.

Mosey over to playground and up the hill for the real fun with a little added extra credit.  Partner 1 would start at top with LBC’s( 200 reps combined) while partner 2 would venture down hill to monkey bars for 10 pull-ups and back up hill to switch off (50 reps combined between partners-5 sets of 10 reps).

With time pushing us, we side stepped over to the rock pile for a decent sized coupon.  Partner 1 would begin squats (150 combine total between partners) while partner 2 ran down hill to 3rd light post and back up to switch off.  You get the gist.  Quick plank when done.   Mosey back to flag for Mary.

Box cutters x 10(courtesy of Hero)

Freddie Murcury x 10(courtesy of Dash).


-Our average of around 13-14 guys is still consistent! Still growing strong and making a difference.

-Expansion at NLB Ministry- Great opportunity for F3 members to help out.  5:15 am on Wednesday’s. See Swiper for details.

-Don’t forget Fire Swamp run  on Monday’s at 5:30 am at Greenway entrance at Fowler- ruck or run option with Hero.

-Prayers for Body and 2.0 on the way.

-Continued development as men. Strive to be leaders in our communities and with our families on all levels.



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