Ace in the hole

When: 08/15/2017

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Miller Time, Zima, Special K, Peanut, I-Beam, Do-si-do, Locksmith, Jackelope, Saban, Bayside, Hot Sauce, Radar, Lumberg, TO, Catfish, Turbine

Quality time in the AM at the Rubicon with 16 PAX. At 5:30 sharp we Moseyed to the equestrian center parking lot for a warmup.

WU: 20 SSH, 15 IW, 20 Mountain Climber, 10 Tempo Merkins all in cadence We needed a bit more cardio (and some better light) before we started so we moseyed back to the parking lot by the Flag.

The Thang

We all like to be surprised by what the next exercise will be, including YHC, so today’s bit of randomness came via Deck of Cards. Go around a circle where a PAX draws a card and the group does a set (on your own) based on the number and suit on the card pulled Clubs = American Hammer Diamonds = Merkins Hearts = Burpees Spades = Squats Jack, Queen, King, Ace = 11-14 count Jokers are wild. (the PAX who draws calls the exercise)
Everyone left a couple pounds of sweat in the Rubicon parking lot. Peanut got so excited when we drew a queen of hearts (12 burpees) that he tore his shirt off Hulk Hogan-style.

Mary: Sets of core exercises until most looked like they were hurting – crunch frogs, reverse bicycle and plank

Moleskin/Announcements: T.O. will be looking for PAX to post at an AO for No Longer Bound. The hope is to start at the end of the month at Caney Creek Reserve. DM him for more details.

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