A Georgia Peach

When: 08/16/2017

QIC: C-4

PAX (): Toolman, Darth Visor, Factory, Babyface, Bloodhound, The Mole, Cricket, Banjo, Natty Lite, Homeboy, Hombre, Misty, LawDog, Westside, Aquaman

They might say it takes a lawyer.  For what the PAX might ask?  Listening to the F3 Podcast for the first time this week, YHC had his attention raised when one of the founders mentioned the Dirty MacDeuce as a great beatdown sequence, a combination of upper, lower, and core body exercises that also ate up some clock.  And when discussing the evolution of the F3 Lexicon and exercise database, with lexicon naturally and pointedly derived from the Latin word for law, the pair mentioned that one of them was a lawyer and was often quick to add some colorful nomenclature to the exercise and workout names.  Well, low and behold, upon working through the Kodiak’s version of the Dirty MacDeuce here in what felt like swampy north Georgia, our own LawDog thought to christen the workout as the Georgia Peach – soft and warm on the inside, doubtless aromatic on the outside.  It isn’t called legalese for nothing.  And so, the Georgia Peach consisted of the following:


Mosey to parking lot corner, Monkey Hump Wednesday.

Mosey to center of parking lot, Happy Jacks (5 count SSH following by 2 happy jumps)

Mosey to the opposite corner to begin the Thang

The Thang

4 sets of three exercises to 12 on a four count in rapid succession, followed by a wide and full run around the school (estimate just under 0.5 miles):

Set 1:  Carolina Dry Docks, BBSU, Copperhead Squats . . . school run

Set 2:  Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Iron Mikes . . . school run

Set 3:  Squats, Mountain Climber Merkins, Dolly . . . school run

Set 4:  Deconstructed burpee (squats, merkins, leg thrusts, squats) . . . school run

The Mole & Homeboy crushed the run.  Banjo and Hombre not far behind, accelerating men they be.  Sufficiently winded and wrapped in the soft and juicy humidity, the Pax made its way to the flag for the final 6 minutes of Mary which composed of . . .

Captain Therkin (Captain Thor 1:4 with each repetition followed by 5 Merkins).  The Pax made it to 8:32:5 as time expired, feeling that burn to the core.

Name-orama, and COT


·         Natty Lite’s on the 25th, all of F3 Alpha are welcome for some Kodiak home brew.  Please advise Natty Lite on attendance

·         Camel Hump t-shirts now available; register and/or donate for the labor day weekend event.  Babyface to repost the link.

·         Men’s Group to meet Friday at 5:30am at Homeboy’s barn.  Coffee, study and discussion.  Two more sessions before it is closed down to new participants on the 25th.

·         Thursday Ruck to christen the new Veteran’s Park nearby, 5:30am, following by a Saturday 7am beatdown also on the premises this weekend

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