11 x 11s

When: 08/16/2017

QIC: The Dab

PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, Sneakers, El Matador, BRD, Saint 2.0, Piggy, FNG (Blueflame), WiFi, Ponyboy, The Dab

11 PAX came out for rounds of 11.

The gloom was humid and the grass was itchy….Here’s what when down:

The Thang

Warm up: Mosey around parking lot…

In cadence: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers

Mosey to soccer field.

11s – Round 1 – 10x Burpees 1x Monkey Humper

11s – Round2 – 10x Hand-release Merkins 1x Star Jump

11s – Round3 – 10x Makhtar N’Diayes 1x JayLo (YHC made it to 6 Makhtar N’Diayes before time was up…others made it even further…great work!)

Mosey back…pause at Hurricanes for lunges…final mosey to flag


20x Dying Cockroach, 20x Freddy Mercury, 20x American Hammer (slow count to make it more better)


Prayers for WiFi’s mother-in-law health (Mae), prayers for Ponyboys M and 2.0s starting home schooling


Lots of encouragement for FNG (Blueflame), great work!.  YHC always having a hard time keeping up…but you guys push me to work hard (thanks for that!).  Had to laugh at calling BRD “RGB”…it’s the tech geek in me 🙂

As always…an honor to lead!

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