Impromptu 2.0 Workout

When: 08/12/2017

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Misty, Cricket, LawDog, Banjo, Hombre, C4, Sod Buster, The Mole, Legionnaire, Chipmunk

It became evident mid-week that YHC was going to be responsible for 2.0’s this fine Saturday morning as YHC’s M is running a 8.7 mile trail run with a girlfriend.  Since YHC didn’t want to miss the workout and the other Saturday Q’s were running the Chick-fil-a race, YHC brought the 2.0’s along.



Mosey to track — SSH IC — Windmill IC — Imperial Walkers IC — Mosey to 50 yard line


The Thang


Start on sideline of football field.  Defensive step slide (basketball style – butt down, back straight) to other sideline (facing The Kodiak).

Run to top of visitor bleachers – do 30 Monkey Humpers

Back down to field.  Defensive step slide back across field (facing Kodiak)

Run to top of home bleachers – do 10 Merkins

Back down to field.  Repeat subtracting 5 MH and adding 5 Merkins until PAX gets to 10 MH/30 Merkins  (reps always add to 40)

OYO – plank for the 6


YHC asked the FNG whether he would rather cook or clean.  FNG chose cook.

Quarter Pounder

Start on goal line of football field.  Sprint to 25 yard line – 25 Merkins

Run backwards back to goal line.

Sprint to 50 yard line – 50 squats – run backwards to goal line

Sprint to 75 yard line – 75 Mountain Climbers – run backward to goal line

Sprint to 100 yard line – 100 SSH – run backwards to goal line

OYO (During this routine one of YHC’s 2.0’s decided to join the workout.  He stayed with us pretty much the rest of the way.  Talking through most of it.  The other 2.0 stayed in her chair reading and checking out the hot air balloons taking off from the adjacent parking lot.)


Since we “cooked” our Quarter Pounder it seemed only responsible to WASH up

The W.A.S.H.

50 Werkins  —  100 American Hammers  —  150 Squats  —  200 Hip Thrusters


With just enough time we did an 8 min TABATA

20 sec exercise A, 10 sec rest – 20 sec exercise B, 10 sec rest

Repeat for 8 rounds (which is 8:00 minutes of hell)

Exercise A – Freddie Mercury —  Exercise B – Plank on elbows



FNG – Legionnaire

The Mole’s 2.0 was named “Chipmunk”

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