Here’s a corner, and here’s a corner

When: 08/10/2017

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Darth, Dash, Hero, Dipper, Reuben, Beans, Olaf, Body, Clyde


Still feeling the aftermath of a burpee filled deck of death on Tues. Where I am pretty sure our Q Reuben added a few extra burpees to the deck, but I could be mistaken I usually lose count around 70 burpees.

It was a dreary morning that left the Gloom living up to its name, but the 70 degrees was a nice change of pace.  Glad to see our numbers still holding strong at 9 with some welcome returns by Hero and the newly employed Big Dipper!  

The Thang:

5:30 hits and it’s time to Mosey down to base camp of Mount Kilimanjaro for some Warm-ups or a warm-up taking a page out of our guest Q’s playbook to get right to it.

Mosey to the big soccer field for some 4 corners.
Lunge the short length to 1st corner
Burpees X 10
Sprint to far corner
Merkins X 20
Bear Crawl opposite short length
Squats X 30
Mosey to starting corner
LBC’s X 40

Rinse and repeat:

Start Jumps X 10
Maktar Minjey (I am fairly confident that is not proper spelling) X 20
Bear Crawl
Monkey Humpers  X  30
Reverse LBC’s X 40


Lots of mumble chatter during the led by Dash.  Who left us hanging with starting a story about Bear crawls in the buff in college, but I feel we didn’t get the whole story… maybe at next 2nd F.

Mosey to picnic tables by soccer pavilion and partner up for some Dora.

100 jump ups
200 step ups
300 Dips.    Scratch that running short on time

Indian run back to rock pill for some quick Coupon work:

OHP X 25
Skull Crushers  X  25
Curls X 25

Race back to the Flag with the non runner Darth bringing home the prize!


Leg climbs left leg X 12 Right leg X 12
Rosalita X 20


Praise for Dippers new job!!!!

Continued growth and glad to have our core back.

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