Half a Murph and Rocks for Jocks

When: 08/10/2017

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Locksmith, Saban, TO, Swingline, Catfish, Special K, Lumbergh, Turbine, Haha, Do si do, Cookie, Zima, Miller Time, Peanut, Davito, Mayhem, Bayside, Jackelope

Is it really August out here? Nice morning in the Rubicon where I was joined by 18 other PAX.

5:30 got here quick so we needed to mosey.

Mosey to the area behind the pool for a quick warmup. Noticing an FNG, YHC gave the disclaimer and did some basic warmups in cadence.

Enough of that, let’s do half a Murph. The easy half.

0.5 mile run around Wills and over to the one pullup bar and some monkey bars.

50 Pullups
100 Merkins
150 squats

People’s chair when you’re done.

0.5 mile run back to the rock pile.

Grab a rock, most went medium, one went large, too many went waaaay to small.

In cadence arm excercises, squats, rows, etc. Rotate to your right a few times throughout so everyone got something a little different. Rocks back to the pile.

Trying to get more guys some experience with leading so for Marys this week it was Lumbergh.


Be on the lookout for more information on AO at No Longer Bound from T.O. Great 1st/3rd F opportunity. Set your alarms 15 minutes earlier!
Welcome back Cookie. Glad the baby is sleeping.
Great job by lumbergh leading on the fly at the end.
Welcome FNG Saban.  Great job on the EH by Locksmith!

Some VQs coming up. More AOs, more days, means more Qs needed.

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