A Deck called Death and the Jokers in between

When: 08/08/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Bangkok, Hacksaw, Houser, Watson, FNG Olaf, Skynard, Dash, Body, Swiper, Darth Visor, Koi, Clyde, Reuben

YHC woke with the sounds of the rooster crowing calling him to the gloom. Would there be rain? Would there be pain? 12 Pax were waiting patiently as he pulled in for role call. Oh wait…..here comes Skynyrd and Houser to finish our total of 14! Let’s Mosey!!!!

Gentle jog up towards Kilimanjaro for warm-up:

SSH *15
Sun gods *10 forward/10 reverse
Peter Parkers *10
Alabama Ass kickers *10
Imperial Walkers * 10

The Thang:

Mosey back through the Roman Columns towards the lower parking lot. YHC realized he needed lots of light to get through this one:

Deck of Death w/ Jokers wild:
Each numeric card= number of reps
Face cards: Jack=11 reps, Queen=12 “, King=13 “, Aces=14 ”

Spades= Burpees
Diamonds=Crunchy Frogs
Jokers= Wild cards were chosen exercise by Pax- 10 reps of squats 1st round(compliments of Howser) and 10 reps copperhead squats (compliments of Swiper).

Total=436 reps with all Pax accounted for even with some side chatter complaints. Good job men! Way to push through the pain!

Indian run back to the flag with 5 min to spare for Mary:

-Freddy Mercury

Mission Complete


Met some new faces from my absence from last week. Great to meet Watson, Bangkok, Hacksaw, and Beans. A big welcome to our newest FNG Olaf! Thanks for pushing through with us!

-Prayers for Body and his wife-new 2.0 coming soon.

-Prayers for continued growth for Big Creek. 14 total today and still growing!

-Continued prayers that we continue to be the husbands, fathers and leaders that God has called us to be.


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