Name of the game – Football

When: 08/09/2017

QIC: Double D

PAX (): Miller Time, Switch, Booter, Caffeine, Gear Head, Double Knot, Circus, Pita, Squeegee, Chelsea, Fondue Guy, Patch, 8 Mile, Merlot, Homer, Waffles, Virginia Slim, TP, FNG (SouthSide), Garfield, I-beam, Toothpick, Proquistador, Sprocket, Grease Money, Crab legs, Nomad, Bronco, Turbine, Aflac, Thumper, Roonie, Doogie

Walkers started 5 minutes early to meet at the football field. PAX moseyed through the woods to football field. YHC started off slow on his VQ with some nice brain farts for everyone to enjoy.

Warm Up:

  • 10 – Dollys
  • 20 – Flutter Kicks
  • 30 – SSH
  • 20 – Freddie Mercury’s
  • 10 – Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Football was the name of the game today. Each 10 yards sprint required a run back and a set of exercises representing the yard line ran to.
Line up on goal line

Suicide Runs:

  • Run to 10 and back – 10 burpees
  • Run to 20 and back – 20 burpees
  • Run to 30 and back – 30 LBC
  • Run to 40 and back – 40 LBC
  • Run to 50 and back – 50 LBC

Roonie called someone offside so we repeated the 50 yard sprint.

  • Run to 50 and back – 50 American hammers
  • Run to 40 (60 yards) and back – American hammers
  • Run to 30 (70 yards) and back – American hammers
  • Run to 20 (80 yards) and back – Merkins
  • Run to 10 (90 yards) and back – Merkins
  • Run 100 yards – Plank

Audible was called at line of scrimmage not to do the same routine back to the goal line in fear of time constraints.
Circle football field and headed to stadium wall
Downward dog until everyone made it

  • Step ups with right leg – 30 count
  • Dips – 30 Count
  • Step ups with left leg – 30 count
  • Incline Merkins – 30 count

    Moseyed back to beginning with Aflak taking the lead and YHC taking the 6 (or almost the 6)

Mary (or another COP)

Bring Sally Up – By Moby because as the famous Eminem once said “everyone listens to techno” or something like that (Eminem also profess his love for Moby *and Opie* in the same song, but that is for another day) – Song done with Squats as exercise


  • 2.0 Workout this Saturday
  • Upcoming Camel Hump Ruck Beatdown
  • Friday workouts starting next Friday
  • Hat trick, who skipped the workout, volunteered to Q every month from here on out. So single clap for him.
  • DD hopes everyone enjoyed the “War Eagle” Downward Dog Yoga and a special thanks to Grease Money which talked me out of Burpees at the end of each run to the 40 yard line. I’m not sure I could have out run the 33 extra pax after that decision turned ugly.
  • Welcome to FNG Brent (AKA: South Side)

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