The 300

When: 08/08/2017


PAX (): FNG Mile High, Legos, Zima, Locksmith, Foghorn, Miller Time, Mufasa, Devito, Cookie, Radar, Jackelope, Bayside, Padre, Catfish, Swingline, Lumbergh, Special K, TO.

The Thang

Due to the overnight rains YHC modified the plan and swapped out the Horse Field for the parking lot in order to not send the PAX home to their Ms covered in mud.  Looking back now, YHC was too nice and wants a do-over on that.  We moseyed a short distance down the parking lot and marked out corners to simulate Horse Field distances.  First corner 10 burpees, second corner 20 American Hammers, third corner 30 Merkins, Fourth corner 40 Squats.  Plank for the Six at the fourth corner.  We did this three time.

Next the PAX moseyed down to the FOD and gathered at home plate.  Inspired by Devito’s Widowmaker Saturday hoax (“Wait, What?”), started out with Burpee Broad Jumps to First Base where we did 10 Merkins, Bear Crawl to Second Base and 10 Merkins, Lunges to Third and 10 Merkins, Sprint to home plate for 10 more Merkins.  Plank for the six.  Three times around the bases.  YHC’s experienced a groin issue in round one and had to modify rounds 2 and 3;  Lunges to 1B were substituted for Burpee Broad Jumps (“if you can’t do it don’t Q it”).  Devito apparently was keeping count of Merkins and prior to round 3 announced we would hit 280 for the BD.  Therefore we increased Merkins to 15 per base on the last round got to a nice round 300 for the BD.  Finished with an Indian Run around the FOD perimeter, heading for the Flag after 1.75 laps.  Some Rosalita at the flag then Locksmith displayed serious badassery by taking us out with  20 three count Merkins; 300 were just not enough.  I have no doubt he is ready for his VQ.


COT:  A big welcome to FNG Mile High, sponsored by Boomer.  Prayers for continued healing of Nacho, DC2 and Moonshine.  3rd F on Thursday at Corner Deli and also check with Mufasa if you have an interest in the Camel Hump, a ruck event in Alpharetta on August 18th.  Good meeting yesterday with No Longer Bound.  They are working on the details and should be back to us soon.



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