The Power of the Plank

When: 08/05/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Boomer, Simba, FNG Zohan, TO, Catfish, Slater, Sneakers, Hot Sauce, Saint2O, El Matador, Jackelope, Devito, Moonshine

  1. Had Moonshine out again for Alpha Ruck this morning. Kudos for coming out to do what you can while the hand continues to heal. We had a good group of 6 for Alpha Ruck including FNG Zohan who came out for both ruck and BD on his first day (good work!). We then moved on with 12 for the BD. Mother Nature blessed us this morning with a bit cooler temps and lower humidity. What follows is a loosely accurate description of the morning:

Alpha Ruck

Reversed the normal route this morning starting with the trails in the park. Good discussions as we worked our way through the trails and down/up the hill. Exited the back entrance and down to the end of the road. Looped back and headed back through the park to finish out with 3.2 miles.

BD Warmup

Mosey around the parking lots and out onto the soccer field. IC hill billies, cotton pickers, mountain climbers, Merkins and copperhead squats. We finished the warmup with our first 1 minute elbow plank of the morning.

The Thang

After planking, we moseyed down to  Kings Field. 1 min elbow plank. Time for DORA with 100 Carolina dry docks, 200 merkins and 300 squats. First ones to finish pulled back and started some core work until the six came in. Once all were finished, we moseyed around the lower lower loop and back out into the circle at the base of the hill. Water break. 1 min elbow plank. Rest. 1 min elbow plank.

At this point the hill, she beckonith, and we are not the type of crew to let that go unanswered. So we ran up the hill OYO, stopping halfway for 25 flutterkicks. At the top was 25 mountain climbers then back down for 25 LBCs at the base. Hold feet at 6 inches for the six. Rinse and repeat with 20 reps each exercise. After the six completed round 2, 1 min elbow plank. 10 minutes left in the hour so I called for burpee broad jumps up the hill. Quote from TO (I think), “Wait … what?” I think rest of the crew was about to mutiny, so we settled for round 3 of the hill run exercises with 15 reps each and staying at the top for LBCs. Once all were in we headed back to the flag via the trails. Finished out the hour with a final 1 min elbow plank.

COT / Moleskin

– A big F3 welcome to FNG Zohan (real name Ofir). Found us via the website. Great job hanging through Ruck and BD on his first time out.

– Continued prayers for healing/recovery for DC2, Nacho and Moonshine.

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