I didn’t melt!

When: 08/07/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Ha-ha

Monday mornings always seem to come early for getting to the Fire Swamp and the sound of a light rain on the roof at 4:30 didn’t help. But I can’t let my brothers down so I made my way out the door only a little late and made the AO by 0528.  No rain.  No PAX. Perfect day to get in a long run.

Solo run north on the Greenway.  Expecting wet conditions I had pulled out my “wet” running shoes for extra traction on the boardwalk.  As I ran along to Bethelview a light sprinkle turned into a steady rain and back again to no rain.  The cool rain felt good.  I passed a couple of ladies out in the gloom for a run (they weren’t scared off by the wet).  Turned around at Bethelview and returned to the Fire Swamp home base. 8 miles in about 1:15. And then found out as I stood dripping outside of my truck that my towel is at home.  Well, it is Monday!

Good to see brother bear and sister bobcat and the deer family this morning.  It was a good morning NOT to be running next to traffic! And ladies, thank you for the cheery “good morning” as I ran by.


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