Hickory BB

When: 08/03/2017

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Special K, Radar, Swingline, Lumbergh, Meatloaf, TO, Legos, Bayside, Zima, HaHa, Crack, Miller Time, Devito, Mufasa, Hot Sauce, Jackelope, Mayhem, Locksmith

After a sleepless night (eat your carbs, men) and a trip to 30A I was back ready to Q.
Felt that beach season was ending but we could all use a stronger core.
19 PAX joined me outside their fartsacks at the rubicon.
Quick mosey over to behind the pool area to the rougher asphalt due to construction.  Brief warm up.  Mosey to the ball field.
Ran a core/Mary Waterfall with some additions.
20 Dollys, Lap around the field with some acceleration points.  Sprint from 1st to the foul pole.  10 merkins at the foul poles.  Sprint from the foul pole to 3rd base.
Same thing ADD 20 Rosalitas
Same thing ADD 20 J-Los
Same thing ADD 20 Reverse LBCs
Same thing ADD 20 LBCs
Same thing DROP 20 Dollys
Same thing DROP 20 Rosalitas
Same thing DROP 20 J-Los
Same thing DROP 20 Reverse LBCs
Same thing DROP 20 LBCs
Back to the flag.
Exactly 6 MOM.  Decided to Give it Away.  Need guys to Q.  You can learn by watching.  You can get good at it by doing.
Special K was quickly voluntold by Miller Time.  Great lead for the final stretch. Think he’s ready now.

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