Jenny’s Block

When: 07/31/2017

QIC: Misty

PAX (): FNG Sodbuster, Mole, Hasbro, Banjo, Babyface, Dory, Westside, Natty light, Wheezy, Buckeye, Homeboy, Hombre, Lawdog, Cricket, Misty

It was a nice, cool morning to wrap up July and I was excited to lead a strong group at the Kodiak despite many of us still recovering from Mole’s Saturday workout and Tony from the Spartan.
Started out easy and went uphill from there, literally:
WarmUp: moseyed to the stadium for
16 ssh (forgot to stop at 15)
10 cotton pickers
10 imperial walkers (special thanks to whoever helped get my cadence in line)
Next, in honor of Lawdogs favorite artist we took a trip around JLos block. Actually, make that 5 trips…
The Thang
Started front, right side corner of track with 20 merkins. Ran to the other corner and did 20 big boy sit-ups before heading up the visitor-side bleachers. At the top ran to the next set of steps and down, then over and up again. Down another set of steps where we did 20 dips before hitting the track again. Ran across to the home side where we discovered that the gate to the pull-up bars was locked. Modified to do 20 Imperial Squawkers before heading up the tall side. Over and down, back up and down again. Went 5 laps total. The general feedback was that the last minute modification to the squawkers did not go well right before the tall climb. Never thought I’d hear the group complain about NOT doing pull-ups!
Over the sound of merlot possibly being spilt we did a random call out of exercises for a round of Mary. Got in Dying Cockroaches (Babyface), Box Cutters (Dory), Flutters (Mole), JLos (Guess), and finished with a drawn out Suoerman from Hombre.
Great job by everyone this morning with TClaps to Banjo and Cricket for pushing themselves and the other PAX.
Welcome to Sodbuster
2nd F at Natty Light’s on 8/25
CSAUP camelhump coming up in September
Prayers for Dory’s wife
Prayers also for the children, parents, teachers, bus drivers and everyone else that play a part in ensuring our children are expanding their minds in a safe, supportive environment.

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