Moles 1st Solo Q

When: 07/29/2017

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): The Mole, Aquaman, Hombre, Misty, Westside, Shakira, Dori, Sgt Slaughter, Manning, Banjo, The Mule, Hasbro

Mosey to SSH-IC
Karaoke right to Cotton Picker-IC
karaoke left to Imperial Squalkers-IC
A couple days ago (Thursday to be exact) The Mole, Law Dog, Naty Lite, and Crack played a round of golf together.  Around the 4th hole we had to take shelter from the rain.  When the rain subsided we got back to the task at hand….chasing a Titleist.  But that didn’t mean the thunder and lightning were done.  None of us wanted to be the wuss to call it in, so we played on amid cracks of lightning and rolling thunder (probably not safe when swinging metal object in the air in a wide open space like a golf course).  In the spirit of thunder and lightning here’s my first Q ever.
Thunder “Rolls” (an old Garth Brooks song)
Partner up on sideline of football field.
Broad jump to other sideline and wheelbarrow back.
Originally intended to run 10 rounds (each post gets to “roll” their wheelbarrow 5 times) but an audible was in order after 4 rounds (2 “rolls” each) and we moved on to…
A couple people who Q wouldn’t mind seeing struck by lightning
In circle PAX holds Al Gore position.  At call, PAX does number of Bobby Hurley’s called by Q.
After much bickering and venom from the PAX we did a couple rounds of Bobby Hurley’s (one of the Q’s most hated dookies ever) and then moved on to….
(FYI…. Once my love of UNC and my hatred of dook was known, the PAX began calling out all the Carolina basketball players they could think of to soften me up…. it didn’t work like they had hoped.)
Red Barchetta (since you cannot be injured in a car struck by lightning)
            Run 100 yards à 100 SSH à back to start
            Run 75 yards à 75 Mountain Climbers à back to start
            Run 50 yards à 50 LBCs à back to start
            Run 25 yards à 25 Merkins à back to start
            Run 10 yards à 10 Burpees à back to start
So we washed our Red Barchetta and took her out for another spin…..
With a few minutes remaining Q decided to take the PAX to see Cindy (because Cindy Crawford is as hot as lightning)
 OYO..  5 pull ups
            10 merkins
            15 squats
2-3 rounds then….
PAX formed a circle on the track and Q laid out his phone to play AC/DC  “Thunderstruck”
PAX held plank position throughout song and every time the word “thunder” was said, PAX did a Merkin (Q didn’t count the Merkins but it was painful and much bickering ensued again)
Mosey back to flag for some Mary
Flutterkicks – Superman – box cutter
Shakira is heading back home to Germany later that morning.  Prayers for safe travel.  (We also encouraged him to start an International F3 group at his school in Germany.)
Prayers for Babyface, Bloodhound, and C4 in Asheville for the Spartan Race.

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