Part I: Is it appropriate to Ruck Yourself & Part II: Etiquette

When: 07/27/2017

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Part 1: Law Dog; Part 2:Natty Lite, The Mole, Crack, & Law Dog

Part I: Is it appropriate to Ruck Yourself

After Wednesday’s beatdown, YHC decided we should ruck on Thursday. It is kind of an unofficial, official Kodiak beatdown on Thursdays and with the Camel Hump about a month away, it is time to get in proper rucking condition. Babyface and Bloodhound were out because they have Asheville.  A smartsack should never be confused with a fartsack. So YHC decided he would show up and lead the Pax on a Ruck around the schools. However, YHC was the only Pax to post. No bother, I rucked by myself. As I was walking around the School and cars would drive by, I could not help but think “How long until the law is called when you see one man walking around a school with a backpack in the dark.” Not being able to shake that thought, YHC decided it is best to Ruck behind the highschool utilizing the stairs by the back parking lot when rucking by yourself. 6:15 sharp quick name-o-rama and COT.


If you have not rucked it is a great time even by yourself in the gloom. It is a great counter balance to the high intensity beatdowns the rest of the time.

Part II: Etiquette

After a solo ruck, YHC was looking forward to what turned into a F3 Alpha foursome. YHC led the Pax on a motorized ruck around 18.  Nassau was the game. Natty Lite kept reminding everyone about his new jersey accent. He must have missed the Jersey Shore because I do not remember a hole where he was not on the beach. But he recovered to talk the bartender out of a goose. He can explain. The Mole does not back down and charges on even when lightening begins to flash across the sky. Even losing a 6 stroke swing to the mole on the last 3 holes, the Overall winner was none other than YHC (Bring it on Cookie). Name-0-rama and COT to follow at the club house bar where Shakira and his sister posted for some 2nd F before they go back to Germany for school.


Etiquette is important. Etiquette is what makes golf a gentleman’s game. YHC won a gift certificate for a 4some with carts at Brookfield C.C. The raffle ticket was purchased by Crack in a scramble he paid for and was kind enough to invite me to. YHC followed proper golf etiquette and made sure Crack was available before booking the round.  However, Crack reminded YHC that etiquette goes beyond the greatest game.  Etiquette requires you to invite all F3 Alpha’s on paddle trips. Etiquette requires you to invite all F3 Alpha’s to the 2nd F.  I would like to respond with excuses like “Do-Si-Do was suppose to take the only seat I had left in my canoe, had I know he would not make it after the night ruck, I definitely would have called You Crack.”  Or, “How many people can you invite to someone else’s house, when you have already invited the Kodiak Alphas to Natty Lite’s house without telling him.”  Natty Lite was shocked with YHC  lack of etiquette when it comes to 2nd F at his house and ready to right the wrong. So, Natty Lite and the Mole being, proper gentlemen, are inviting all F3 Alpha’s to Natty Lite’s Haus on August 25 for the Mole’s Birthday party and Pre-Camel Hump 2nd F. You can ask to see Natty Lite’s Goose at this time.

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