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When: 07/27/2017

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Skynyrd, Clyde, The Body, Crack, Skillet, Darth Visor, Dash, Howser, Foghorn

  • YHC was glad and excited to make the drive to Big Creek this morn to take a guest Q.. its been some time since the last post to this AO, and they’ve recently seen some growth. For this Q and all Qs, there will be no 10 counts, no warmups (a la Crack), and likely no Mary. Just movement.. lots of constant movement. YHC also realizing that a Q isn’t so much about the game plan, but more so about the support and encouragement shown throughout, along with aforementioned movement.

Listened to a recent F3 podcast in which Dredd was chatting about how often a guy ‘spilled Merlot’, as if they see it every other workout in the #mothership. Made YHC question his own push in the gloom, and realized there’s much to be desired in that effort. Ready to recommit to that effort, and more than just twice a week.

The recent Art of Manliness podcast discusses F3 Nation, which is generating a ton of traffic to the F3 Nation website. Interesting philosophical thoughts from Dredd on the modern man and F3’s role. Check it out.


Also another F3 podcast on the 3rd F and the role of prayer in the COT. It is apparently intended for the PAX to listen to a man simply ‘speak from one’s heart’, prayer, moment of silence, words of wisdom, whatever. Changed my perspective on that. So hard to find something so genuine in our world.

Really enjoyed this group of men this morning, and while I won’t share details of the workout, it was 45 minutes of pure greatness before most others were even out of bed. I will mention the prayers for Reuben, Gizmo, and Bear.. all doing heroic things right now. You have a community of men thinking, praying, and supporting you. That’s pretty awesome.

Aye! – Foghorn

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