The Sneaky Pyramid

When: 07/25/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Visor, Body, Clyde, Skynyrd, Dash, Swampy, Howser, (FNG) Bonnie, (FNG) Yoshi, Reuben

YHC woke up this morning anticipating another much needed beat down. Leaving the homestead he quickly realized that once again he had forgotten his time clock, but no worries, upon entering the gloom, the trusty PAX would keep him accountable and in line. With returning FNG Houser(an old friend from the past) and 2 additional FNG’s from our buddy Skynard, YHC and the the rest of the 9 PAX headed down to the Roman Columns for warm-up. We got 10 for Tuesday so lets mosey!


SSH * 20
Windmill *15
Hillbilly * 15
Squat * 15
Sun gods * 10

The Thang:

Mosey to Kilimanjaro, but a quick detour at the first light post for 20 merkins. Don’t worry, we had plenty more to go.

We hit base camp and began a series of 3 Pyramids:

Pyramid #1
10 merkins/10 star jumps/1 run backwards up hill and run down
14 merkins/14 star/2 backward up hill and run down.
18 merkins/18 star/3 backward up and run down.

Pyramid #2
10 mountain climbers/10 plank jacks/1 bear crawl up and run down.
14 mountain/14 plank jacks/2 bear up run down
18 mountain/18 plank jacks/3 bear up and run down.

Pyramid #3
2 Burpees/10 LBC’s/1 run up and down
4 Burpees/14 LBC’s/2 run up and down.
8 Burpees/18 LBC’s/3 up and down

All PAX finished in style and finished the goal. No quit in this group!

After a nice 20 count to catch our breaths, we headed over to the field of dreams for a fire drill: In our circle, each member of the PAX drops-rolls right then left then pops up to complete a delayed burpee. 1* time around.

Down to Rock pile for some colt 75’s.
25 upper/25 middle/25 full (we added some extra credit with scull crushers for a set of 10).

Indian run back to flag for Mary. We took the long way with time to spare.


10 box cutters
10 leg lifts
10 swimmers



Exciting to see the commitment to Big Creek and the consistency of its members. Welcome FNG Yoshi who is cousin to fellow compadre Houser. We also welcomed FNG Bonnie who came with his partner in crime….our very own Clyde.

We may have opportunities to serve in community soon. Quite a few ministries in town that need volunteers (3D life and other community service projects in our area). To be continued.

Prayer requests:

-Teachers and students heading back next week.

-Keep The Body and his M in your prayers. 2.0 will be here soon.

– YHC wants to thank the PAX for all their prayers and support during upcoming therapy. A pleasure to be amongst this crew!

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