Mississippi Misery

When: 07/24/2017

QIC: Hombre

PAX (): Babyface, Banjo, Bloodhound, Cricket, Dori, Homeboy, Factory, Manning, C-4, Naty Lite, Shakira, The Mole, Lawdog

Warm Up: Mosey to the front of the parking lot for some SSH and Windmills.  Then moseyed back to the main line we all park on.
Session A: complete 5 sets of 5 Burpees and sprint to the curb and back.
Session B: moseyed to the HS wall for static hold and cardiac recovery.  5 sets of: 15 Mississippi Hand Stands / 30 Mississippi Plank / 45 Mississippi Al Gore.
Session C: recovery Indian Run around parking lot to back side of HS.
Session D: Ninja 100s.  10Burpees/10DoubleSquatJumps/10MountaimClimbers 3 x through ending with 10 Burpees.  End with a 10 count Ring of Fire Plank/10Merkin holler.
Mosey back to THE FLAG for some Mary to wrap it up.  20FlutterKick, 10CrabCakes, 10Dolly, 10LBCs
  • Lawdog will be finishing up the book of Jonah this Wednesday during the 3rd F at Starbucks in the Kroger on HWY 20
  • Still time to sign up for both the Camel hump (9/2) and the Frog Town Race (10/7)

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